Ibiza day 3

No building noises to wake us up today! Yes! We roused at about 9:00 this morning. We made a lovely “fruit salad”,melon and mango with some coconut yoghurt to top it off, for breakfast. Ollie’s sunburn had significantly reduced overnight which meant he wasn’t so red all over, more of a pink now. It was a good start to the day.

The plan was to make our way in to Ibiza town. We had looked and heard there was a nice mix between the old and the new. The taxi hauled us to the centre and dropped us off outside the marina which looked like it was having work done from the angle that we could see. This meant our first instinct was to walk to the centre of the town. We found ourselves in a plaza with a gelataria, there seemed to be a lot of Italian on the island, there was even a vegan option. It was the typical choice of lemon sorbet, I wasn’t tempted as I have that option pretty much everywhere we go. Ollie had a custard flavoured scoop in a cone but one of our group chose the New York cheesecake. I was VERY jealous of this.

I left everybody to peruse their options. I’m glad I did as I managed to catch a group recreating the town using petals and other natural materials. it seemed to be part of a festival of diversity. I’m not sure, I couldn’t translate very well. The group made our way through the town stopping off in little tourist shops looking for a photo frame to take home and put a photo of the break in. I’m hoping to do this with every holiday from now on. I want a wall full.

Next on the itinerary was to make our way through to the old town and find the castle. I managed to stop and find a fruit stall on the way. I got a plum to keep me happy. We eventually got to the bottom of the hill to get to the castle. it was a lot further up that we had anticipated. We were here now though so we started on. It turns out it wasn’t a steep slope and we managed fine.

the trip up was well worth the view. We were greeted by the azure Mediterranean Sea we were pretty happy with this.

The trip back down was a bit more complicated. We thought it would be a good idea to follow a different route and ended up getting lost in the labyrinth of side streets. This led us to find the museum of modern art. We would have never looked out for this, we went inside and we spent some time looking around. Some of my favourites were in this cluster of sketches. I really liked how moody they seem.

By the time we had finished in there lunch was on our minds. We found another small plaza just behind the one from this morning. We stopped and had a small bite to eat. I had nachos with spicy salsa and guacamole. 10/10 would have again.

Once we were done with lunch we decided it would be best to come back to the villa and chill out there for a bit so we could recoup and work out our plans for dinner. On our way to the taxi rank we passed the floral art again. This time it looked almost complete

As we had a bit of food to still use up,we all decided it would be best to stay in and finish it off instead of going out for food again. This was great as is gave us all time to relax by the pool without having to rush or get ready to leave. This was fine until about 6:00 when we all started to get a bit bored and felt it was a waste staying in. Collectively we chose to walk down to the beach, google told us it would be about 45 minutes but we thought we would be able to bash it out in 20. The walk led us down to the shore where we walked, and walked, and walked. We stopped off at a small bar for a drink before making our way back home. By this time we were all tired and weary from the hot sun and plodding along. When we got back to the villa we looked and realised we had walked about 9 miles, much more than any of us had expected when we left the villa. It set us up for a good nights sleep, ready for our last day tomorrow.


Ibiza day 2

A sleep in a comfy bed is just what I needed. That’s why Is was a shame I was woken up by dogs barking, and diggers hacking at the ground. Not what I dreamt of when we booked. Putting that all aside our villa is really nice. We have to step over stepping stones to get to our bedroom, it’s a nice touch but could be fairly risky after a drink or two.

My breakfast today was a melon with some coconut yoghurt and coco pops. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. We sat and discussed the plan for today and decided we would make our way to the shop to get some water before taking a taxi to the beach.

The ataxia took about half an hour to get to us.when they arrived it was only a 15 minute drive to las Selina’s beach. We pulled up in the car park right next to a shop selling sunglasses, just what I needed. We all spent a while trying on different pairs and I finally decided on these. thoughts??

The walk to the beach was only a minute further. When we arrived the sun was shining and the sand was hot. I thought it would be a great idea to test the waters and go for a dip. I dipped my feet into the sea and was instantly repelled by how cold it was. Such a disappointment, but I’m sure I will manage. The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the sunlight, reading and having a super large rum and coke from the beach bar.

When the sun died down we thought it might be a good idea to make our way down the beach in hopes of casually passing through the nudist beach. On the way me managed to find a private little cove with rocks we could climb over ollie was sunburnt and struggling but this point in the day. This is his trying to stay somewhat covered.

We spent a little while her until we noticed a turret in the distance. the temptation was too much not to visit. We stayed the down and we soon realised we were walking through the nature reserve. It was full of character. The plants were all spikey and jagged just like the rocks the walk ended in a foot race between me and ollie. All I could hear behind me was the thudding of his feet. My instinct was to drop the bag and run. Needless to say I won. Not that I’m smug at all.

We took our chance to have a couple of photos in front of the tower, my personal favourite.

The walk back to the car park was a lot longer than I remembered. We ended up having to walk a different way back so as to follow the road. It was a lot easier on our feet. It was really odd not seeing any man made structures at all. It felt like I was walking through a game of red dead redemption. eventually we got back to the car park and had to wait 25 minutes for the taxi to arrive. We, for some reason, chose to sit on the tiny roundabout so we were able to see when the taxi turned up. On the way back home we drove home past the salt flats and we could see a mountain of salt. A personal dream I have had at some stage. I LOVE SALT!

The plan was to get changed and go out for some dinner at the restaurant that turned us away yesterday. When we arrived at “la taverna osteria” we tried to go in but the doors were locked which meant we had to wait outside for half an hour for some other customers to waltz over and show us that the doors were just stiff and not actually locked. It was a small Italian place that sat no more that 15 people. Their menu was written on a chalk board and it changed day to day. They didn’t have anything vegan on the menu but they were really accommodating and rustled up something amazing. Everybody had their plates before me, I was so excited to see what turned up. it was a tomato and avocado salad with some warm bread. I would never have ordered this myself but I couldn’t have been happier with the plate that came out.

The walk home was really nice as the street lamps were turned off, we weren’t sure why. It felt very comfortable and safe. Ok returning we rushed to the bedroom to slather ollie in some aloe Vera. He has burnt everywhere pretty badly. he was still smiling though. In bed we read our books and waited to see what tomorrow brings.

Ibiza day 1

I’ll preface this and say that I didn’t manage to take any photos of today. I’ll make up for it the rest of the time I’m here.

We had managed to get Lola and Barry (dog and rabbit) off to their holiday homes the night before. That meant we didn’t need to worry about them this morning. No feeding. No walking. We could just get up and go, in theory. In actual fact we had forgotten to take Lola’s food round, we needed to head to the shop and get it for her, drop it off and then make our way.

Once that was done we headed to Cheltenham where I was able to get some vegan chocolate treats for the trip, in case they didn’t have anything sweet for me once I got here. I managed to get the best of the best. A white vego bar which I had been meaning to try for some time. A WAGON WHEEL!!! I know, I’m just as excited. And we got some truffles and vegebears ( it’s hard to go wrong with those). With my treats in pack we headed over to get Chaz which was easy enough, she pretty much jumped in the car and we made our way to a Nick and Laura. They were only slightly behind but this was alright as we got to meet their 6 month old labradoodle puppy. Well worth the holdup if you ask me.

On our way to Birmingham airport! The trip was uneventful and so was the airport to be honest. We had a meal at spoons (Wetherspoons) which was 6/10, what do you expect from airport food?

The Ryan air flight was cramped and loud. It was full of women on hen parties. The crowd you expect was the crowd that were on it. I managed to drown most of it out with the mummy returns and kath and Kim. When we landed everybody clapped, I don’t understand why people do this?

We waited in the airport for Nick and Laura to come in (separate flight), it gave a chance to people watch whilst I shoved in some fruit.

The taxi ride was a little difficult. The address we gave them took us to private roads so we ended up having to get out and walk to where we needed to be. We are a stones throw away from the prison… it looks secure enough…

On arrival at the house we were greeted by a friendly guy who showed us around and even offered to take us to the supermarket. We decided against it as we had been shacked up all day and we wanted to stretch our legs. This was a mistake.

The walk to the shop wasn’t too bad, it only took about 15 minutes. We all piled our arms with snack that we wanted with complete disregard for the walk back. Shopping done and it was time for dinner. We walked to a popular spot but it turns out it was completely booked up tonight. We spent a while walking around looking for somewhere else before eventually deciding to walk back home and just order a pizza. This walk was long and sweaty and heavy. It was a lot longer back than I remember it being.

We shoved on the avengers and I waited for my marinara pizza to turn up. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a proper stonebaked pizza, I was half expecting a shit dominoes style. I was full up on this…and a crisp sand which. We all thought it would be fun to play a game of sevens before plodding off to bed.

Tomorrow’s plan is to go to the beach. (I think it’s a nudist beach)

Day Nine – Venice.

I’ll preface today’s entry with this: I was tired from the early start, the temperature was about 30c, which is far too hot for me, and there was very little shade.

A 7:06 train from Avio took us Verona where were had a twenty minute gap between the train to Venice. The train that took us to Venice was a double decker (I haven’t seen many of these, I loved the novelty), of course we sat upstairs.

Getting into Venice train station wasn’t why I expected at all. It was a really industrious looking area and not what I had pictured in my mind. The walk to the boat bus was short but when we were buying our ticket from the machine a lady tried to get us to buy some from her, she took out a wad on tickets from her pocket, thankfully she accepted when we said no. The boat bus was cramped and crowded, I had no idea how much worse it would get.

The last week I had been spoilt with serenity and picturesque Italian villages and towns. Venice was nothing like this. When we got into St. Marcos square, the busiest place I had ever been, my senses were completely overloaded with noise, heat and people pushing through any tight gap in the crowd. At this point I mentally checked out and really hated Venice. Like I said I was spoilt with calm and serenity.

The view of St. Marcos basilica was impressive, I will admit.

We made our way farther from the centre to try and get out heads straight. We hadn’t eaten breakfast, stupidly, so we set out to find some food. We ended up at a McDonalds just so we could get something. Fed and watered, our plan was now to wander through the streets to see where we ended up. This plan didn’t disappoint, the further away from the square you were the fewer people you saw. We ended up at a church that charged €1 to look inside. We really enjoyed it. The views were incredible The walls were all marble and at first I thought the patterns were painted on. Nope, they were all carved into the stone and filled in. Simply incredible.

We decided to keep walking around. The little streets were full to the brim with designer shops and incredible handmade Venetian masks. This was a particular favourite. we made our way to Murano to see all of glass. The boat there was like the pits of hell, sweaty people pushed up on one another getting hotter and hotter. The island was dead. The shops were all air conditions which was perfect for us. The glass sculptures were really impressive. They all instructed no photos though. There was a giant outdoor sculpture, which I thought was brave. we made our way back to the square now that the early day hype had died down. The line to enter the basilica had died down considerably so we made our way in.

It was breathtaking. The entire roof was gold. it’s easy to see how people get sucked into this religious lark with this incredible structure devoted to it.

Hometime! The train had just left the station when we get there so it was an hours wait till the next one. We managed to get a little snack for the ride home. We eventually got home at 9:30.

Was it impressive? Yes.

Would I go again? Not a chance in hell.

It feels like a city to tick off the list. Somewhere to go for the status of having gone. Not somewhere to enjoy sincerely (in my opinion)

Day Eight – Kayaking On The Lake.

We had big plans to go to a waterpark today, bad reviews put us off. We had to find something else to do. Kayaking on the lake seemed like a fun substitute. We had done it on the river a few days precious and we guessed paddling on a lake with no current must be easier.

We went to a place that was on the way to Malcesine, they seemed pretty cheap compared to a lot of the other places. We signed up for two hours and got on the water. It was suggested we head south to see the Malcesine castle before heading back up. This should be a doddle. We have never been more wrong. The way to the castle took an hour and we were exhausted by the time had managed to get there. We didn’t even get a chance to rest, for more than a minute, before we had to paddle back to the rental place. On the way back we saw a few paragliders,landing on a strip by the lake, and a few dogs in the water. This made us smile and gave us a boost to keep going. We eventually (after a little arguing) made it back just in time, it was exactly two hours.

Time for lunch! We stopped in a busy little square. The big tree in the middle gave a lot of Shad which was perfect on a sunny day like today. Lunch didn’t take very long and it was a welcome treat to get food quickly.

Next on the agenda was some time on a beach to relax and swim. The little beach under the castle was deserted. Ollie was able to jump straight in, I took a little longer, the water wasn’t as warm as it had been and my body take a little longer to adjust to the temperature. Once I was in though we had fun. we managed to waste a few hours here swimming and basking in the sun. We ended up getting redder and redder as time went on so it was a good indicator to make our way back. We passed a little shop which sold postcards (one for granny) and, finally, some playing cards. We had something to do on the train to Venice tomorrow.

In the evening we both read our books the whole time. I was reading “Ready player one” and Ollie is enjoying “origin” by Dan Brown. We shoved a few chips in the oven to tide us over till bedtime. It was an early night tonight because we have the early train to Venice in the morning.

Day Seven – Monte Baldo. (Take two)

Today’s the day! We are getting to the top of Monte Baldo. We set an alarm for 7:30 and we were out of the house by 9:00.

The parking at the cake cable car place had loads of free space today, I think we just misjudged the day yesterday. A short wait in line to get into the cable car was made eventful by other Europeans not understanding queuing etiquette. A German woman in particular was trying to push ahead of us the whole time, I stood my ground and kept a stiff upper lip. She eventually back down until there was a wider opening for her to sneak through. Everybody was at it, I had never realised how important proper queuing was to me until this point.

The ride to the top was smooth but claustrophobic. The driver piled people in till we reached capacity, it was a very warm sweaty day, you can imagine how gross it was. with views like this though, we couldn’t complain to much.

The whole journey to the top only took 15 minuets maximum. We took a walk around to see what we could find. A few more shots of the impressive backdrop and it was time to watch the paragliders. There were about twenty or so all laid out on the hill ready to jump off. One by one the took their turn and disappeared into the atmosphere. I can’t wait to try it myself one day soon.

We were up there watching them for about an hour, until we thought we should take the trip back to the ground and enjoy more of Malcesine.

Lunch was at the small restaurant we visited a few days previous. More gelato and a wander round the streets. We stopped off at a bay to dip our feet in the water (we forgot our swimming stuff again!)

We both really enjoyed today and if anybody is ever here we highly recommend the cable cars.

A few more shots of the mountain.

Day Six – Bardalino.

The original plan was to make our way to Malcesine and catch a cable car to the top of Monte Baldo. Complications meant there needed to be some alterations to the original plan.

We may have slept in a little later than we first anticipated. We also may have gotten showered and ready super slowly. We may or may not had taken the long road to Malcesine. This series of bad decisions meant that by the time we got to the cable cars it was already 11:30 and the car park was full. We tried to look around for another car park but every single one was rammed. (We forgot to take into account it being a Saturday) we started driving further and further away from where we needed to be. By the time we found a space it was miles away and the walk in the heat would have finished us off. We kept driving from little town to little town, we pretty much travelled the the length of the lake before deciding to park up at Garda and take our chances there.

A little walk along the bay led us to a small beach, with a space perfect for us to nab. The only problem with this was that we forgot to pack any swimming trunks or towels in our bag, we only had the essentials. Snacks.

We dipped our toes in the water and uhhmmed and ahhed about wether or not we should just go in anyway. The water was cool and refreshing I had to get in! We ended up going in wearing our boxers and leaving our stuff on the beach. It was amazing, cool water with little hot spots for us to enjoy. I wasn’t brave enough to go in far enough to see the drop off but Ollie managed it.

Once we had finished swimming we took some time to dry off by sunbathing. This worked a treat for our skin but the boxers weren’t drying one bit, I ended up taking mine off and putting my shorts back on. I placed the boxers on some rocks in hopes they would dry. They didn’t. An hour or so later the midday heat was unbearable and we decided to make a move. We tried to make the half an hour walk to Bardalino but we were both dying from the sun. We turned back to go to Garda again so we could get some lunch. We stopped off at the restaurant we went to on the first night. It’s food for tourists but we were happy with that, it meant we got a pint of cold coke, Heaven. Lunch was finished with and the sun had cooled off a tiny bit. We were recharged. A little walk through the side streets took us to a gelato shop where I found some vegan flavours. Score!! Munching that on the way to the car was a real treat.

when we got to Bardalino the car park was further inland than we had hoped, but this was fine, it gave us a chance to walk off lunch. It’s another little town around the lake but it felt different to the others. The rest of the ones that we had been to felt really old and held a lot of history, with narrow streets and castles over seeing everything. They felt organic. Bardalino felt new and constructed. There was a wide walkway through the town and all the shops were stocked with the tourists dream.

it wasn’t my favourite place we have been to, but we will be back on Monday. They are meant to be having fireworks, we aren’t sure of what the occasion is but we aren’t going to complain to a free show.

One thing that made me laugh was a hotel sign. it says “I’m boutique” written in comic sans, I thought the irony of having that meant that there was no way this would lead me to believe that it was a legitimate boutique hotel.

On the way home we stopped off at a supermarket to pick up a few snack for the evening and possibly some playing cards if we could find some. We came out loaded with crisps and fruit and a little bit of ice cream but no playing cards, We have been looking in pretty much every shop we visit, No luck yet though. Another night in watching Netflix, I’m not mad at it.